Our story begins within a small, family-built denim laundry in the backstreets of Melbourne, Australia in 1999. Nobody Denim was a label founded on the belief that making jeans could be imbued with integrity and creativity; representative of our love affair with denim. We began by designing our own unique tools and techniques for hand customisation and we have spent the decades since discovering everything there is to know about denim.

You could say that we know denim. We are denim. It’s this kind of focus that gives us our drive and constantly pushes us to succeed. To this day, each of our garments are individually hand customised to achieve a natural and proportioned placement and we work closely with premium global denim mills to source the very best fabrics. 


Melbourne is our heart and soul. Our designs, ethos, outlook and aesthetic are deeply entrenched in our birth city and we take pride in representing Melbourne on a world stage.


We dream big! And we have a big vision for our brand. One that constantly drives us to deliver the perfect fit, the most desirable form and a designed finish in every garment we ever make, without compromise! It takes a dedication to our craft, a commitment to quality and a genuine and ongoing understanding of our customers needs.


We constantly aim to be true to ourselves and true to our customers. To do this we encourage transparency, openness and honesty. We always use the best materials and support ethical labour practices. Our commitment to manufacturing in Australia allows us to respond immediately to current trends, customer needs and keep jobs in Australia. We work closely with the Textile, Clothing and Footwear Union of Australia (TCFUA) to maintain an ethical workplace and we are accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia, which means our customers can be confident that we have taken practical steps to ensure everyone involved in making our designs receive fair wages and are provided with safe working conditions.