ANDI New York

The concept for ANDI was born in 2010; Andrea Weinberg (aka Andi) was living in New York City pursuing her degree while working full time and keeping up with an extensive travel schedule and some semblance of a social life. She wanted a bag that could support her – all weather, all occasion, all the time.

Inspired by her studies of human-focused design processes, Andi spent five years working with a small factory in Brooklyn making over 60 iterations of her concept for a light-weight, durable, active, travel, transformer bag that is the ANDI that we know today.

The ANDI team is comprised of like-minded individuals across many disciplines who effort every day to deliver great product to our customers. Most ANDIs are made in Taiwan (some are made in the New York area). In addition to pioneering technical fabrics, Taiwan’s strict environmental and labor standards make it a great fit for ANDI. Our factory in Taiwan was carefully chosen for both quality and values, and they are like family to us (Andi has a working knowledge of Mandarin).

A note from ANDI founder, Andrea Weinberg:
Style is the manner in which we make ourselves visual art. Fashion helps us to do this. This form of art is unique in that it must account for the features of our bodies as well as our lifestyles. As the world gets smaller and cities get bigger, we find ourselves more on-the-move than ever. This has given rise to a new fashion movement – what I like to call “movement wear”.

Our evolved lifestyle also necessitates a handbag made for movement and stylistic art. That is where we come in. Every detail of our pieces has been selected, tested and refined to balance aesthetic and the demands of a life in a motion with ethical production practices and materials. Our signature ANDI is virtually weightless yet structured, weather-proof, convertible into a number of critical forms and equipped with an attachment to a suitcase and a non-slip shoulder grip. You are a human of consequence. You are the art of your own artistry. You deserve a bag that honors and empowers your life in motion.